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New Offer for the Mini MBA Program


50% OFF

Mini MBA Offer

Mini MBA Offer

ُُُُExclusive Offer – Mini MBA at 50 % OFF (Discount)


Dear our valuable customers…


Due to the new opening of the Management & Career Development Unit at IT Gate Academy, we would like to seize this opportunity and introduce our exclusive new offer as follows:

السادة الأفاضل

عرض حصري بمناسبة إفتتاح قسم التطوير الإداري و الوظيفي بأكاديمية بوابة التقنية

2000 جنيه مصري فقط

بدلاً من 4000 جنيه

تخفيض 50% على قيمة برنامج ماجيستير إدارة الأعمال المهني المصغر و المعتمد من المعهد الأمريكي للدراسات الإحترافية و الشهادة قابلة للتوثيق من الخارجية الامريكية

و شهادة أكاديمية بوابة التقنية قابلة للتوثيق من الخارجية المصرية

Mini MBA at 50 OFF Discount only at IT Gate Acadmy

Mini MBA


Mini MBA Program Overview:

Mini MBA Program is an overview of the main cornerstones of business i.e. (Management, Accounting, HR, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning, etc) through the introduction of the latest business concepts, tools, models and practices.

Condensed, delivered intensively within a few sessions with knowledge nearly equivalent to two year duration MBA Program.

We put you on the right path towards business success.

Program Objectives:

Our main aim is to encourage entrepreneurs, middle managers, and even fresh graduates to develop themselves and to launch their own businesses, armed with the required business knowledge and experiences.

Mini MBA Program strongly prepares you to get the Master of Business Administration degree besides its practical experience.

Learn from professional, academic and experienced business practitioners and trainers. Raise the market price of your CV and get ready for new job opportunities.

Sharing experiences with peers, discussing case studies, and gaining practical experiences.

Mini MBA Program Modules:

 1- Small Business Management

2- Modern Strategic Management

3- Effective Leadership and Business Ethics

4- Human Resources Management

5- Marketing Management

6- Quality Management

7- Self, Time and Change Management

8- Understanding Financial Statements

9- Basics of Managerial Accounting

10- E-Business

Who should attend:

Fresh graduates and MBA students.

Junior, Mid, and Senior Managers.

Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Business Men.

Program Duration:

– 80 hours on either 10 successive days or (1 or 2 days per week depends on the group arrangements)

– 6 hours for each module plus one day for project discussion and one day for revision & exam.

Program Language:

– Handouts and presentations are in English while instruction and facilitation are in dual language (English & Arabic).

Program Certificates & Accreditation:

– The American Institute of Professional Studies Certificate , AIPS itself is accredited by International Accreditation Organization USA, Educational Standardization Organization USA – which could be attested from the American External Affairs Office.

–         IT Gate Academy Certificate .

–         Extra Certificate with the Eagle Seal that could be attested by the Egyptian External Affairs.

Course Fees:

– 2000 L.E. instead of 4000, to be paid on installments. No other subsequent fees will be required.

For more information please call: 01117893103 or 01020727313

Big opportunity for our fans.
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